Xantia is a gorgeous example of a large boned Black and Red German Shepherd Dog. She was born and titled in Germany and then imported into the United States. She carries pink German SV registration papers and is USCA and AKC registered.

She exhibits excellent temperament, an amazing drive, and has proven her skills with her titles. She has had two litters of eight and will continue to strengthen the bloodlines for years to come.



BH – The BH is a degree for traffic-safe companion dogs that tests the dog’s temperament in and around people. It includes basic formal obedience – heeling on and off leash, sits, downs and recalls – as well as practical tests of the dog’s character in everyday situations. These include reaction to normal situations involving crowds of people, strange noises, joggers, cars and other dogs.

AD – The AD is a title earned for completing a 12-mile endurance test where the dog must keep pace with the handler who is riding a bicycle.

IPO 2 – For IPO 2 the dog must be at least 19 months old and must already have earned its IPO I degree. It must again pass all of the obedience and protection tests required for the IPO I degree, but those tests, for IPO II, are made more difficult and require greater endurance, agility, and above all, control. There is an additional retrieve required over the six foot slanted wall. In tracking, the IPO II candidate must be able to follow a track laid by a stranger at least 30 minutes earlier.

KKL 1 – Koerklasse 1 – Especially recommended for breeding. To achieve this coveted rating, each dog must have attained a BH title, a minimum of IPO1, certified hips, have an AD title, and compete at a show to achieve a conformation rating of at least SG (“very good”).