Dan Johnson, Owner

 I'm Dan Johnson. I've been training dogs for more than 15 years under various trainers/mentors and as a freelance trainer in local communities. Over the years I've trained and rehabilitated hundreds of dogs and a huge variety of breeds using balanced techniques. In March of 2017 I opened K9 Kompliance to start offering my skills to the local area of Oahu as the owner of my own company. Shortly after I hired my first trainer to assist with the large demand.

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Hannah Swope

Hello, I’m Hannah Swope. Dogs have been a part of my life since childhood, I had German shepherds and German shorthairs growing up, but I have trained a large variety of breeds, ranging from Miniature Pinschers to Rhodesian Ridgebacks. I’ve been working with animals when I was 15. I started training dogs 6 years ago, including time abroad in South Korea. My professional career as a dog trainer started 3 years ago. My training style includes positive and balanced.

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Kelley Nemchick

Hi, I’m Kelley Nemchick. I am a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers. I became quite interested in training puppies for the Guide Dogs for the Blind program. I worked with one of the Guide Dogs For The Blind Clubs in Oregon for about 4 years where I was able to raise my own Guide Dog puppy. Jupiter, a yellow Labrador, came to live with me when she was 11 weeks old. I taught her all the basic obedience commands, as well as complete housebreaking, walking on and off a leash...

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